Learning German is fun and educational : This statement describes the basic meaning of our teaching program. We want to pass on to children, teenagers and adults the greater understanding of German writing and communication skills. ‘Comprehension, Writing and Speaking’ are the areas, in which we educate our students. For most students Saturday morning lessons are a fun experience as they virtually visit the German country and culture.

Our teaching tools are German textbooks which are adapted to the student’s level. Since we have small classes we get to spend more time with each individual student. Working on grammatical structure and offering homework, we complete our classes by games and interaction, which makes those teaching hours a more enriched experience.

There are distinct adult classes, for beginners and for students who want to improve their language skills.

There is an easy transition to the accordingly higher level every year and High school students receive credits from "Le ministère de l'Éducation du Québec".


The Courses Levels

To meet your needs, the school offers the following levels :


Kindergarten (3-5 years)*
Learning German through play, song and dance
Elementary 1-2-3*
First writing and reading exercises in German. Learning German through arts and crafts and games
Elementary 4-5-6*
Continuing to improve writing, reading and speaking skills in German by way of age-appropriate materials
Secondary 1-5*
Reinforcing grammatical structures and vocabulary with focus on German geography and culture
Diplom 1-2
Preparation for the DSD1 and DSD2 exams which permit the students to study at any German university
Adult - Beginner
For adults without any knowledge of German (A1)
Adult - Intermediate
For adults with some German knowledge (A2)
Adult - Advanced
For adults at level B1 or B2

*: All these levels participate together in the celebration of German festivals like: St. Martin, Nikolaus Dec.6th, Christmas, Carnival and Easter.



Schedule and Prices

Here are the courses schedules and prices :

One child 30 classes - from 9h to 12h
starting in September and ending in May
Each additional child 30 classes - from 9h to 12h
starting in September and ending in May
An adult who has a child attending our Saturday School 30 classes - from 9h to 12h
starting in September and ending in May
One adult 30 classes - from 9h to 12h
starting in September and ending in May

Course fees are refundable during the first two weeks of class. After such time only exceptional situations will be considered, such as illness, or a move etc., and will be submitted to the administration for approval.

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